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1. Conducting Occupational Safety and Health Training

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1. Conducting Occupational Safety and Health Training


 Conducting OSH Training



The ability to effectively conduct a safety training session can be real mystery unless you understand the process. You can have a wall covered with diplomas and credentials certifying your proficiency as a trainer, but unless you gain experience in actually conducting training, they’re pretty much worthless. Bottom line—Only personal experience presenting safety in the actual training environment will help you gain the expertise needed to fine-tune your abilities to succeed as a safety trainer.

The purpose of this third course in the OSH   Train-The-Trainer Program is to provide an overview of the basic tools and techniques for presenting classroom safety training. We’ll cover the steps in preparing for training including scheduling, the importance of practice, and setting up the room. We’ll look at what to do as students arrive; the basic sequence of a training session; tips on asking and answering questions; how to handle participation and conflict in the classroom, and how to wind up the training. In the last module, we’ll also look at a successful on-the-job training (OJT) model every trainer should know.



  1. Get Ready…
  2. Get set…
  3. Go!
  4. Ask it…
  5. Handle it…
  6. The 7-Step OJT Process


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